Hugendubel Bookstore, Frankfurt

Lately I’ve been plagued with a really sore and painful lower back that gives me Braxton hicks. Apparently it’s the body’s way of preparing women for real labour. The pain has “crippled” me and I’m unable to cook a meal while standing in the kitchen without feeling any discomfort. Goodbye to my lovely second trimester!

Since it’s such a pain to enjoy any day out during the week, I was really looking forward to this weekend with Daniel. He brought me out on a date! I do wish we could go on a Babymoon but with my current state, I doubt any of us would enjoy a trip anywhere.

I had two date options. First, to go for a walk in the forest near us and have Italian for lunch. Second, pop into the bookstore in town to buy ourselves new DVDs and have Vietnamese for lunch. Frankfurt’s quite cloudy and cold today so I opted for the second option.


We walked into Hugendubel bookstore in Hauptwache for our DVD hunt. It is no WH Smith or Blackwells in Oxford, neither is it our favourite Kinokuniya in Shinjuku, but it suffices. The first DVD we spotted was the Tom and Jerry Classic Collection. We watched and loved Tom and Jerry as kids. There usually isn’t much dialogue going on but we both love the music and how the actions of Tom and Jerry synchronise with it.


Daniel found some old school Star Wars movie collection and got those too. I’ve not seen any of them but I simply adore the compositions by John Williams. He’s such a genius!


I bought a Gruffalo DVD for Theo to watch when he gets a bit older. Recently I got him The Gruffalo (board book) so that I can read to him when he’s born and I’m really happy to find the DVD for it too. I’m sure he’ll enjoy the animated version of the story.


Hugendubel also has an English books section for adults and children. I’m not too impressed with the collection but hey, they’re a German bookstore and the German collection is great! The prices of English books aren’t competitive at all with Amazon UK or Book Depository. The latter offers free worldwide delivery! While prices on Amazon UK may look cheaper, once you’ve included the surcharge for books to be shipped to Germany and delivery costs, Book Depository can sometimes be cheaper. I’ve recently ordered 7 children’s books off their site which were delivered to me within 7-10 days in excellent condition and €12 cheaper than Amazon UK!

We love bookstores. It’s the one shop we visit wherever we go. In Japan, Kinokuniya takes up an entire day and we keep going back. In Singapore, we’re also always at Kinokuniya and Popular Bookstore. Needless to say, Blackwells Oxford is one of the MOST amazing bookstore I’ve ever been to. I promise to blog about it when we’re back in Oxford for a visit.

While it’s convenient and most of the time cheaper to shop online these days, we still love hanging around bookstores feeling and smelling books. Call me old-fashioned, but even as a Kindle user, I doubt my love for print can ever be replaced with ebooks.


4 thoughts on “Hugendubel Bookstore, Frankfurt

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    1. That’s a good way to describe it! Cheating on books! I do miss seeing physical books on shelves at home. And some books do have lovely covers. But ebooks are just so much cheaper these days… And easier to pack the kindle in the bag too.

      1. me too! And the physical books that i have, i try not to read them yet and read all my kindle books first. haha. yes, kindle is so much cheaper and lighter. my bag used to be v v v heavy with gym stuff and shoes and books and now it is lighter. no choice…

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