Lunch Date at Vipho Vietnamese Restaurant Frankfurt

Awww… My Saturday was perfect thanks to my thoughtful husband! He’s so exhausted from the week’s hard work but he still finds time to pamper his forever aching, complaining, and demanding wife.

After our “date” at Hugendubel Bookstore, we proceeded to Vipho for the most authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Frankfurt. It has been more than 7 months since I last dined at Vipho and I must say their standards haven’t dropped a single bit.

I ordered my usual Pho Chay which is vegetarian. Packed with lots of mushrooms, tofu, greens and bean sprouts, Pho Chay was an easy digestible meal for someone like me whose digestive system has been squashed by the baby in me. The broth was so flavoursome (think mushrooms!!!) and fragrant that not a drop was left in the huge bowl.


Vietnamese food tend to use quite a bit of coriander and mint, both of which aren’t Daniel’s favourite. Unlike me who adores them both to bits, Daniel is probably more normal and seeks to achieve a balance in taste in whatever he puts in his mouth. So, I recommended him to try their savoury red chicken curry.

The curry was creamy, and not too spicy. Served with a bowl of fragrant white rice, it had lots of vegetables like broccoli, eggplant, onions and peppers in the curry too. The red curry which is on their lunch menu (even on weekends) is a good deal – €7,90!

I usually order traditional Vietnamese coffee at Vipho but chose not to this time as I’m watching my caffeine intake. So I went for a summer drink – Homemade Ice tea with Lime. How refreshing it was to have it on a winter’s day?! I was so glad it wasn’t fizzy because most restaurants that claim to make ice tea or lemonade use fizzy water or 7-up in Frankfurt. Yucks!!!


Vipho has inspired me to try cooking Vietnamese food at home. Last year, a friend from Laos who’s a talented and amazing cook taught me how to make Vietnamese springrolls, Thai curry and Pad Thai. I can’t wait for her to be back in Frankfurt this August to teach me how to cook a wicked Pho! In the meantime, I’ll find some energy to experiment with one or two Vietnamese recipes.


10 thoughts on “Lunch Date at Vipho Vietnamese Restaurant Frankfurt

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  2. i love viet food! and we always have it at a shop in joo chiat. where all the nightclubs and bars are at. and i love coriander and mint!!! glad you had a great saturday!

    1. So jealous of ppl who live in the east! Joo Chiat has lots of nice food… But I don’t drive in SG so travelling from jurong to there is like forever… Hope you’re having a great weekend too!

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