Where are my brains?


I am fully aware they’re packed neatly in my head, but at times I feel as though I’ve misplaced them. The term used to describe my forgetfulness is “pregnancy brain”. Reality or myth, scientists debate about it. For me, it’s as real as it can get.

Brainless Act One

Last week I got a shock of my life to find my balcony door ajar after coming home from the supermarket. I jumped onto the sofa, curled up into a ball and texted Daniel:

“Hey! Did you open the balcony door this morning? It’s wide opened!!! Someone must have gotten in!!!”

I tiptoed along the hallway and peeped into the bedroom to check if we’ve been broken into. I did the same for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Daniel’s reply was:

“Told you I’ve been feeling a cold draught! And no, I didn’t open the door.”

Feeling extremely perplexed yet relieved that I wasn’t going to be tied to a chair with a smelly sock stuffed in my mouth by a stranger holding me at knife/ gun point, it suddenly dawned upon me that I DID open the door a few days before to soak in some beautiful, warm sunshine. I have no recollections of closing it whatsoever.


Source: A quieter storm

Yeah, probably too many crime thrillers!

Thank goodness for the awful shutters that come down at night that most German apartments have!

Brainless Act Two

I’m really careful with money. We have a Monthly Household Budget that I try to ensure that we adhere to. Last weekend Daniel accidentally paid €5 more at a café (he didn’t see the bill, the waitress didn’t confirm what we ordered) and I shamelessly messaged the lovely café owners about it. He offered us two free cups of coffee at our next visit. Unlike in the UK where we have the habit of tipping 10% or more of the bill (even if the food is not THAT great!), I was told Germans have the tendency to just round up the bill to the next €1 or €2, unless the food and service were great.

However on Saturday, I made a BIGGER mistake. Having been told beef fillet is a great cut, I thought 1000g of it for €4,99 was a brilliant deal. So I told the lady over the counter to pack me 500g of beef fillet which I wanted to use for curry. It turned out to be 100g for €4,99 so I ended up paying approximately €24 for 500g of beef. Ouch!

I didn’t have the cheek to return the beef, neither did I know how to explain my stupidity in German. Daniel had great fun though, poking fun at me all weekend over my carelessness. One of the dishes I made was Singapore Beef Hor Fun (flat rice noodles). Succulent, tender, juicy beef it was. All reflected in its hefty price tag.


Brainless Act 3


Source: Poster Revolution

I bought some prawn crackers on Sunday along with many cold items that need to be refrigerated and a feminine hygiene product. As Daniel was unpacking, I thought I was being helpful by putting the items away.

I looked at the prawn crackers as I opened the fridge to put food in and said to Daniel,

“They are soooooooo delicious!!!”

To which he replied,

“Are you seriously putting those in the fridge?”

I looked down at my hands to find myself about to place a box of panty liners in the fridge.

At that point, I stood with both hands on my sides and screamed,

“Damn you pregnancy brains!!!”


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