Mapo Tofu

Mapo tofu is a popular Chinese dish which originates from the Szechuan province of China. It is one of my favourite dishes that I’ll always order when dining at Chinese restaurants in Frankfurt. However, the ones I’ve tried in Frankfurt often leave a strange, tingling aftertaste in my mouth that I dislike. Therefore, I decided to make my own mapo tofu at home.

As I was researching for recipes online, I’m more than thrilled to find that Nami-san from Just One Cookbook has done a tutorial on this dish. I’ve tried a few of her recipes and they NEVER fail me. I love her crystal clear step-by-step instructions. Definitely a reliable source to turn to if you’re into Japanese cooking and in this case, Chinese cuisine. You can find the recipe on her blog on this link.


The Mapo Tofu turned out flavourful and was surprisingly easy to cook. I really didn’t expect that. I had to cook extra rice as Daniel was happily digging into it in mouthfuls. He ate at such great speed, as though someone else (apart from me!) was going to have his share of Mapo Tofu! The thick, fragrant sauce mixed with hot, white rice was just what we needed at the end of the day. I also loved the silky, smooth texture of tofu.

Now, will I ever need to order this dish again at any Chinese restaurant in Frankfurt? I reckon the answer is obvious.


3 thoughts on “Mapo Tofu

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  2. Hi Yolande! Thank you for trying this recipe and I’m really happy to hear you two enjoyed this dish. It’s one of easy week night meals that I cook often and it’s my husband’s favorite dish. Thanks for liking back to my Mapo Tofu post. 🙂

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