Tulips Mania

When a friend bought me some tulip bulbs from the Netherlands in 2012 to plant in my balcony garden, I fell in love with these GORGEOUS flowers. They are so easy to love and care for, and most importantly, their vibrant colours brighten up any dull-looking balcony.




Don’t you just love the blending of colours on the tulips?

Instead of planting my own tulips this year, I took the easy way out and got them from the supermarket last week. I know, I got lazy. However, with a watermelon-sized belly, I can hardly bend over and get my hands dirty. Also, I cannot wait till April for them to bloom as I was desperate for our apartment to brighten up after the long, dark, and dreadful winter.

Here’s a shot of my vase of beautiful tulips with such vibrant colours bursting in the sunshine! They do make me feel a lot more cheerful.

1947470_642184607018_1211685409_nSpring is just round the corner, folks! I’m really excited about it because it’s getting warmer, daylight hours are getting longer and flowers will be blooming everywhere!


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