Wriggly Belly Video at 29 Weeks 5 Days

I look forward to every single appointment with my gynaecologist because it means getting to see Theodore on screen. Prior to feeling him squirm within me, an ultrasound was the only way I could be reassured that he was growing well and alive. Daniel started to feel Theodore on 5th Feb. I wished I had a photo of his traumatised yet excited look.

As Theodore tends to be in awkward positions, it’s never an easy task for the gynaecologist to take a good shot of him. On Friday, it was no surprise that this boy of ours didn’t want to cooperate. We weren’t disappointed though as we now know he’s fine and his weight has doubled in the past 4 weeks!

I decided to take a video of him wriggling gently in my tummy on Friday. It wasn’t too difficult to do so since I got into the habit of playing him Mahler in the evenings which he always moves to. I’m hoping that whatever experts say about classical music and babies is true!

The strength of his movements varies so they are not always obvious in the video. Mums always tell me they miss their babies in their tummies etc… I’m not sure if I’ll miss having Theodore in me since the pregnancy makes me less mobile and so slow in everything I do. I suppose if I ever do, I’ll have a video to look back on.


11 thoughts on “Wriggly Belly Video at 29 Weeks 5 Days

          1. oh ok! miscommunication!! i meant when can i meet him in person!! 🙂 lol.

            ok got it – giving birth in may. see him live in may 2015. 🙂

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