Erbgut Restaurant, Frankfurt

Saturdays are usually errand-packed days for us. There’s always a rush to get basic needs from the supermarkets to ensure that we’re well-stocked over the weekend. Hence, I never liked Saturdays. However, we decided to make Saturdays a little more positive by throwing in a bit of fun. So off to one of our favourite restaurants in Frankfurt on a date- Erbgut in Schweizer Straße!

On this rare Saturday, we had a lie in till 1030am. It was definitely a much needed one especially when I didn’t have a good sleep at night. Given the late start to the day, lunch was also delayed till about 130pm.

Daniel had a juicy beef burger which he adored. Now, this is rare. Most restaurants in Frankfurt serve mediocre burgers which often leave us unimpressed. However, this burger was served with homemade BBQ sauce and the meat was fresh. It wasn’t one of those thin, frozen patties that other restaurants tend to use to cut costs.

Slices of tomato, lettuce and pickle provided extra punch to the taste of the burger. Oh, and those crispy, golden chips made us salivate!

I ordered myself a Club Sandwich. A proper sandwich is a rare gem in Frankfurt. It’s more common to have a huge slab of meat in a bread roll than to have what’s a normal sandwich is in the UK.

The sandwich was not a disappointment at all. It had grilled chicken breasts, bacon, slices of tomato, pickle and lettuce in it. A hearty meal it was as it also had chips on the side. The serving portion was humongous and I struggled to finish it all by myself. I simply couldn’t.

Since I’ve reached my self-imposed caffeine limit for the day, I ordered a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate. Perfect for a grey day in Frankfurt.

How do you usually spend your Saturdays?


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