Food I wouldn’t have tried if not for being in Germany

When I was back in Singapore last May, I noticed quite a few German restaurants in Singapore. It made me realise that despite being a self-proclaimed food lover, I’ve never had German food till I set foot in Germany. German cuisine shares many similarities with its neighbouring countries. Some like the Schnitzel and the various sausages available have gained international popularity over the years while the regional ones are less well-known. You will realise that a lot of the traditional German food I’ve tried is meat-related. Yes, this country loves their meat.

1. German creamed spinach with fried potatoes and sunny-side up

I tried this in Cologne because I was low on iron during that period of time and read that spinach is extremely rich in it. Its mashy texture reminded me of puréed baby food. While it tasted good, there’s only how much of it I can consume before the texture gets to me. I would appreciate a smaller portion for sure.

German spinach

2. German salted pork rib (Rippchen mit Kraut und Brot)

We ordered a “rippchen” at a traditional German restaurant stupidly expecting BBQ ribs but were served this pinkish, raw looking slab of pork rib instead. I blogged about the restaurant, Gemalten Haus, which we went to on Valentine’s Day. While I was first skeptical of it and definitely didn’t want to suffer from food poisoning, my German friend assured me that the meat was well cooked and that’s just how it looked. Once I dug in, it was so tender, juicy and simply delicious.


3. Frankfurter’s green sauce with eggs and fried potatoes

This is by far one of my favourite dishes in Germany. I love Frankfurter’s green sauce which is made up of 7 specific herbs. Every May the Grüne Soße Festival will be held to see who and which restaurant serves the BEST green sauce. I was planning to attend the festival this year but I don’t think they’ll appreciate it if I get all excited and go into labour!

green sauce

4. Schweinshaxe (Pork knuckle)

Don’t be deceived by its size. An actual Schweinshaxe is way much bigger than what you see in the photo below. I ordered a “baby” one. The owner at Solber Fässeje Haxenhaus gave me a judgmental look when I ordered it. It was served with potato dumplings (not my favourite!) and sauerkraut. Till date, I reckon Solber Fässeje Haxenhaus serves the best sauerkraut. I loved it!


5. Schnitzel

On my birthday in 2012, I wanted to go somewhere traditionally German so Daniel treated me to Schnitzel at Paulaner am Dom. That’s the place to go in Frankfurt if you want a Bavarian meal, or so we were told. I ordered the Jägerschnitzel ( top left photo – mushroom cream sauce) which came with a huge bowl of salad and Butterspätzle (some sort of egg noodles). The bottom left photo is a Paulaner-Schnitzel which comes with crispy bacon, an egg and fried potatoes. All good and yummy!

What’s your favourite German dish? Have you got any recommendation on what I should try next?


4 thoughts on “Food I wouldn’t have tried if not for being in Germany

  1. p.sawyer

    Interesting! I’m looking forward to try Grüne Soße! One dish that I tried in Bremen was Labskaus. Not sure if it’s easy to locate in Frankfurt because it was apparently a Northern Germany speciality. It doesn’t look good but the taste makes up for it!

  2. Hello 🙂 You’ve got my favourites in here – Schweinshaxe and Frankfurter Rippchen – and I love love love Grüne Soße, which in Mainz always comes with Fleischwurst, but have you tried it with Tafelspitz? Tafelspitz is sliced boiled beef and, like so many German foods, tastes much better than it sounds 😉 Meltingly tender and really delicious either with green sauce or also in winter with horseradish sauce (Meerrettichsoße) and beetroot on the side.

    Love your blog 🙂 Greetings from Wiesbaden!

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