Welcoming Spring

With a maximum of 17 degrees Celsius and the sun high up in the cloudless blue sky, I imagine everyone in Frankfurt has their spirits up this Sunday. We’ve been blessed with a rather mild and snowless winter, but still Spring is a season to look forward too. It’s the time when flowers start blooming beautifully again and that makes me feel like everything’s coming alive. With longer daylight hours, I can’t help but feel more positive too.

Although I’m down with a bad cold and throat, I’m still eager to get out to breathe in fresh air, listen to chirping birds and get some light exercise.

Shadows are interesting when the sun’s out compared to grey days.

We had a short walk in the neighbourhood park before lunch. Everyone we met just looked so much happier!

We met a little friend out on a walk with his owner. He really wanted a lot of attention from us as we stroked his silky soft body fur. Wagging his tail happily, he leaned against my leg wanting more.




Look! Wild daisies, cherry blossoms etc are already out!

With a south-facing balcony, Daniel quickly took out the balcony set from the basement so that we could enjoy lunch out there. We made a simple Bolognese with broccoli and Parmesan cheese.


We’ll swap winter for Spring and Summer anytime!

Hope everyone is having a great Spring day wherever you are too!


5 thoughts on “Welcoming Spring

  1. It was 22 degree in London yesterday! People were walking around with T-shirts and shorts, some even with flip flops!! I was amazed by how adept and flexible they were. Great images of blossoming flowers! We are getting closer to spring every day, aren’t we? (^-^)

    1. Oh no! I hope it warms up soon enough! I suppose in Korea it will warm up gradually (like in Japan)? I always find that the weather in continental Europe fluctuates too much. I’m pretty our luck with the sun and warmth won’t last here…

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