Japan Holiday 2012 Photobook

Do you develop your holiday photos or do you simply store them on your computer?

It wasn’t until 3 years ago that I started having hardcopies of photos. That was when I was recommended to use Albelli, one of the largest European photobook suppliers. Since then, I’ve been creating photobooks using their downloadable software which is straight forward to use and intuitive. One of my favourite points of their software is that it works offline too, thus enabling you to select photos directly from your computer without the need to be connected to the internet.


Many projects got in the way so I only managed to complete my Japan 2012 photobook last Friday and received it in the post on Tuesday! That’s how efficient they are! Here are a few shots of the photobook that I absolutely love.

I chose the linen cover album since it wouldn’t incur extra costs. However the leather versions do look pretty elegant!


Introductory page to the album.


The vivid orange and red autumn leaves in Kyoto was stunning! I’m so glad the colours turned out so fine.


Clean and sharp layouts to suit the temple-related photos.


Adore the jet-black background to showcase the food we ate in Japan. We had a rule on that holiday – ONLY JAPANESE FOOD ALLOWED!


This is how the photobook opens out. You can select a flat layout which you’ll pay a bit more for.



With a photobook, photos can be of various sizes depending on how you want the page to look.


This is the last page of my photobook. Gusto, a family restaurant in Japan, was where we spent plenty of time together as students. Beautiful memories flood my mind as I look at this page. We’ll have to bring Theodore there for a family meal when we visit Tokyo the next time. It will be such a meaningful experience for us.


The photos are printed on 200gsm paper which gives the album a classy and high quality look. You can choose to print them on glossy paper too. The colours of the photos turned out brilliant and vivid, just the way I like them. If you’re not a Photoshop pro, fear not. Abelli’s software provides you with simple editing tools to improve your photos. It’s also equipped with creative layouts and designs to suit everyone’s preference. The photobooks are also bound very carefully, ensuring that they don’t fall apart. They are indeed very sturdy.

I prefer creating photobooks to traditional photo albums because the former enables me to tell a story. Apart from adding photos, you have the freedom to add text to the album too. I suppose it’s a handy function for someone like me who’s terribly embarrassed of my less than acceptable handwriting.

I love the professional look of Albelli photobooks. My photobook had 32 pages in total and I paid approximately £23 including European delivery rates after utilising the online Mother’s Day £15 Off promotional code. What a great deal!!!

As I flip the pages, I feel as though I’m walking down memory lane of 2005-2006 at Keio University and also our 2012 holiday. That’s the beauty of photobooks – they seem to securely store our fond memories of past events. It’s always great fun pulling one off the shelve to recollect the good old days with a cup of tea and biscuits.


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