Lady of Hats

The beautiful and elegant late Princess Diana was often known as the Lady of Hats. My dad used to admire her a lot for her beauty and grace. I was only 13 when she passed away tragically, however, I looked up to her for her humanitarian work. She had such a charming smile that even as a child, I was mesmerised and influenced by her love for hats.

So here’s a record of younger Yolande and her hats.

1987, 3 years old
1987, 3 years old – started with a turban-looking hat
1988, 4 years old
1988, 4 years old – No idea what was going on here
1989, 5 years old
1989, 5 years old – TRYING to be more graceful
1990, 6 years old
1990, 6 years old – best birthday EVER!
1991, 7 years old
1991, 7 years old – I make my own hats out of play dough
1993, 9 years old
1993, 9 years old – first airplane journey to Gold Coast, Australia


2005, 21 years old
2005, 21 years old – my favourite hat in Japan which I got from Ame-yoko
2008, 24 years old
2008, 24 years old – a present from Fab 4
2009, 25 years old
2009, 25 years old – preparing for our hike in hot and humid Singapore
Summer 2012, 28 years old – Love this summer hat I got in Frankfurt to reflect the sun
2012, 28 years old
2012, 28 years old – I regret not getting this now.

Looks like as I get older, my taste of hats get wilder and more strange? I spotted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Elmo hats  in town the other day and I really wanted both of them. Daniel was obviously rather embarrassed by my over-excitment. I reckon I’ll get them since Theo will DEFINITELY be spotted in funny hats! Well, his Nana (Dan’s mum) has already got him a dinosaur hat so mummy’s gonna join in the fun!


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