Garlic Onion Chicken

Lately I’ve been sourcing for easy recipes I like for Daniel to try out in the kitchen in May when Theodore arrives. I’m still preparing weekday dinners while I still have the energy to do so while Daniel helps out on weekends. He culinary skills have improved tremendously and I think this Garlic Onion Chicken recipe which I tried for dinner will be going on our list.


We’ve been having lots of rice for dinner lately so I served the chicken with pasta instead. After boiling the pasta and broccoli, I seasoned them together with lemon juice and some mixed herbs for pasta. Whenever I don’t feel like having a sauce-based pasta, I’ll use lemon juice to create a zesty, summery taste to the dish.

I marinated the chicken breasts according to Nami-san’s recipe for an hour. It didn’t turn out too salty at all. In fact it was just right. There was a good balance struck among the ingredients used. If you looked at the list of ingredients she used for the sauce, you’ll realise that those are such basic and essential cooking condiments in any Asian kitchen. I didn’t even have to make a special trip to the supermarket to get any of them.

The chicken turn out so juicy and Daniel had 2.5 chicken breasts and all that pasta to himself! Usually when I pan fry chicken breasts, I’m afraid they might turn out too dry. However these were scrumptious! The sauce suited the pasta really well too. It gave the pasta an Asian-feel and taste to it. When mixed with the lemon juice in the pasta, the dish turned out to be very refreshing. I imagine that the garlic and onion sauce would go very well with steaming hot rice too.

Once again, thank you Nami-san for this easy yet brilliant recipe!

P.S For any of you who are interested in Japanese cooking, do check out for inspiration. The recipes I’ve tried from her site have never failed me, and the instructions are so well written and photographed!


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