Monthly Baby Labels – Photo Ideas

4 years ago I was more into crafts. I enjoyed it because it was a creative outlet for me. I don’t really remember why I stopped, but I suppose there weren’t any big life moments to scrapbook about and I had no idea where to display the finished products (always a shame to store them in a scrapbook album in a box!). With a baby on his way, I’m finally back into crafts AGAIN! This time, digital craft.

So what is digital craft? For me, it simply means photography and some simple design skills. I don’t own any sophisticated software like Photoshop. It’s expensive for me, and this old laptop which is in need of an upgrade just won’t support the software. That doesn’t stop me though as long as I’m not striving for professional graphic designs.

Instead of fussing over which bottle or carrier to buy for the newborn, I’m fussing over what photos to take when he’s born. I’m so getting my priority right, eh? Well, my breasts will be his bottles (ignoring negative comments about what could go wrong) and how heavy can he get to begin with (he’s got a pram anyway). The “plan” is to take monthly photos of Theodore in his first 12 months. I would like to create an Albelli photobook (just like the one I did for our Japan holiday) of his growth and milestones at the end of it.

I’ve done my research online (mainly on my Pinterest account ) and here’s an idea I really like.

Important: These labels are for my own use and NOT for sale.

My initial idea was to dress Theodore up in a plain white bodysuit (Cheapo Mama me bought lots from Tesco. Hey, value for money!!!). However my meticulous sister-in-law who has a great eye for brilliant photos pointed out that there might be creases on his outfit. Good point! I thought my son would lay down like a wooden block! Silly me to not even think of that. And because attention to detail runs in the Campbells, Daniel pointed out that the white part of the label would be too white on Theodore’s white onesie. Therefore, instead of adding these labels to the onesies, I might print them out and stick it on the onesie, add them to the side of photos on a “chalkboard” or use them as images in the photobook (less computer work). Gotta keep these creative juices running on top of getting other essentials ready! PRIORITISE!

I’m crazy to think that I have all the time and energy to plan a self-photoshoot at home but I’m really excited to capture the moments. There are people who actually do it so why shouldn’t I be able to, right? I’m just as capable of multi-tasking and getting organised. I might end up looking like a panda but I’m sure when I look at the finished product, I would be so glad to have document it all down.


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