International Day of Happiness

The world celebrates International Day of Happiness on 20th March. It was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2012 to “recognise the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world and the importance of their recognition in public policy objectives”. Okay… too much fluff in there, really. It’s “HAPPINESS” and shouldn’t we know what that means to us?

Magnolia tree along our street
Magnolia tree along our street

We all have different ideas on what makes us happy. For some, money, status and power mean the world to them. Others claim that work-life balance, health and well-being mean more to them. In our daily lives, we embark on journeys to make ourselves happy. Occasionally, while striving for happiness we end up making ourselves miserable. Ironic, isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s how I find happiness. Be warned! My actions aren’t as noble or great as that of the United Nations. However, I’m doing my part to be a happy global citizen!!! They have one unhappy person to worry about.

1. Spending quality time with family

The happiest moment in my day is when Daniel comes through the front door and exclaims “HELLO!!!!” followed by a hug. Simple and nice. If we were to exclude sleeping hours, don’t our other halves spend more time at work than with us? Hence, I can’t emphasise how much it means to me when we set our phones aside and just chat with each other. There are times when we forget to do this because I’m obsessed with matching candies and him with chess. However I’m grateful for the times we make each other laugh like NUTS.

2. Don’t compare with others

Comparing with your peers, what they have and what you don’t have, just makes everything go downhill. Even the most positive person will get depressed. While you might love to be in my shoes, you’re not me and don’t live my life. How would you know you’d be truly happy being me? Similarly, how can I be sure I would like to be where you are in life without any complaints?

3. Live within my means

I don’t have plenty of money or assets. Unlike the days when I was working full-time and could easily afford holidays and shopping, I don’t now (must save for rainy days!). It used to bother me but I’ve learnt to live within my means. It’s not about lowering one’s expectations or quality of life. It’s being realistic and seeking simpler pleasures in life. Afterall, we can’t bring luxury goods to our graves, can we?

4. Avoid “Nay” sayers

Unfortunately, they’re everywhere. I still struggle to keep their negativity out of my life but I try. We’ll all be happier if people surrounding us were supportive, positive and loving. Don’t let the “nay” sayers get us down!

5. Theo time

Theo time is something I started when I found out I’m pregnant. I am strong believer that we can bond before he’s even born. I believe he can hear my voice and sense my touch. I usually have Theo time in the afternoons when Daniel’s at work so that we’re both alone. Daddy gets his “Theo time” in the evenings. During this time, I play music and feel his kicks (he does respond really well!), read or simply speak to him, or I play my Hypnotherapy CD and practise deep breathing to help me relax with him.

What makes you happy on a daily basis?



One thought on “International Day of Happiness

  1. I agree with you 100%! My happiness comes from within too. Lots of money may makes some problem go away and yet, it may create more problem. Peace & love is my source of happiness, definitely 😉

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