Back to Nature (and bump shots!)

The clouds were low in the sky and a tad chilly on Sunday morning. To rejuvenate ourselves for the week ahead, we took the tram to have a leisure walk in the nearby forest. Long distance walking is something we both enjoy a lot when the weather is warmer but I was looking forward to having a bit of exercise away from the busy city. Frankfurt is plagued by countless of construction sites and it was a relieve to get away from it all even on a Sunday.

Daniel discovered this forest near his workplace and suggested we check it out. We were glad that it was very quiet (unlike along the river) and could enjoy the chirping of birds.



Moss growing on a log.


I love this shot Daniel took of me as I walked ahead of him.


And while everything looked brown and black, my little red bag stood out.


There was hardly anyone around, and even if they did appear, they were cycling or jogging. It was such a good time to capture some bump shots surrounded by nature. I haven’t been very good at documenting the pregnancy in photos but we thought it might be cool to capture some shots in the third trimester when the bump is very obvious.

Here’s my favourite shot by Daniel.


Side profile of the exploding bump.


We also played around with the camera to get ourselves ready to be Theodore’s paparazzi. I’m quite pleased with the end results of us “posing” given that we probably broke the silence of the forest by laughing hysterically at ourselves.

I fail at being a model. I was trying for the “ahhhh….so relaxing” look but ended up looking like I was sniffing the tree!


Daniel’s a bit of a natural when it comes to giving serious looks. Apparently he’s always in deep thought. But hey, I came up with the pose!


We spent a good hour or so walking around in the forest inhaling fresh air and letting our shoulder muscles relax. It was therapeutic to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city without going out of Frankfurt. I so wanna do more of such walks in Germany!!!


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