Waffled Up Baby


Who says we can’t have dessert as a main meal? After our first CTG (where Theodore’s heartbeat and movements were monitored against any contractions), we went to Ergbut restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t warm enough to justify waffles with ice-cream so I had it with hot cherries instead.

Now, I really want a cute waffle machine at home. I’m wondering if they sell molds which are interchangeable. It would be nice to have Hello Kitty one day and Doraemon on another, don’t you reckon?

Anyway, here’s a little bump update! Nana bought Theodore his mobile which had Chopin Nocturne op.9 No.2 as one of its tunes. We love this tune because it’s ever so relaxing. However, it did get our little one very excited! Check the YouTube Video out!


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