Toad in the Hole

Fancy having toad in the hole? When I first heard of this traditional English dish, I thought to myself “Since when did the English eat toads?” Don’t they always go on about the French eating frogs and snails and here they are eating TOADS???!!!

It turned out that toad in the hole consists of sausages cooked in Yorkshire pudding batter. I have no concrete idea how its peculiar name came about but there is a theory that the dish resembles a toad sticking its head out of a hole.

If you read my blog, you’re probably aware that I haven’t been cooking much British food over the past couple of months. However, that’s not to say I don’t like British cuisine. In fact, I love it! I’ve got no idea why so many people I know slam the Brits for their food. Sometimes I do wonder if those critics really visited the UK or if they ended up somewhere else which specialises in sabotaging British cuisine.

Daniel isn’t a fussy eater and has whatever I prepare for dinner everyday. Even if he craves for a homemade English meal he wouldn’t breathe a word to me. Therefore, I decided to make this traditional simple meal for him. It’s an extremely easy dish to make at home although it can look intimidating.


It tasted heavenly. The batter was so crispy and fluffy! Daniel had two-third of the entire tray for dinner because he loved it so much. I promise I didn’t put a gun to his head!

Of course, everyone needs a good onion gravy recipe to go with toad in the hole. I tried Jamie Oliver’s Onion Gravy (without the red wine because I didn’t have any at home and it was a last minute decision) and it was fabulous. I love the richness of it and the balsamic vinegar definitely did give the gravy a twist.

If you’re interested in making toad in the hole, here’s Sam’s Toad in the Hole recipe from BBC Good Food.

The recipe for the onion gravy can be found here. It will also go well with mash potatoes.


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