Let’s Get Moving

It’s tough to carry that extra weight in the belly and move around. Even turning in bed is a challenge these days. As Theodore gets bigger, I find myself further from the dinner table when I sit. Definitely not good for maintaining a neutral spine! It’s easy to just slack around and not move much but it only makes matters worse. It’s a bonus that we’ve been blessed with awesome Spring weather this week so I’ve been walking a little more to get the circulation going. It makes me feel happier too. Not long more to go!!!


I do love looking at the flowering buds in Spring time. They look ever so lovely. It does make me wonder if having to go through bitterly cold winters makes me appreciate Spring & Summer more. I do wish Daniel was home so that we can enjoy the sunshine together.

According to the weather forecast, we’re expecting a really warm weekend. Unfortunately we’ll be stuck indoors on both days (0930 till 1630) for a Birth Preparation course. What a shame! I’m sure the course will come in handy though.

I hope everyone’s having a Good Friday and will have a splendid weekend! I’m going to bake us some muffins now!


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