Eis Christina, Frankfurt

Alright, I admit that the song by Vanilla Ice came into my head when I started this post. The place I’ll be recommending this weekend is Eis Christina in Nordend, Frankfurt. The ice-cream café was highly recommended by our Birth Preparation Instructor who claimed that they sell THE BEST ice-cream in Frankfurt.

As it was a scorching hot Saturday, an ice-cream treat was definitely more than welcomed. And if a local tells us it’s the best, we’ll just have to try it out.


The queue extended all the way to the side road. It must be good enough for people to risk their lives to stand on the street, right? There was simply no tables available for dinning but I was happy to grab a cone and enjoy a walk in the glorious sunshine.

I ordered two scoops in a crunchy cone – lemon and peppermint.


It costs €1,20 per scoop which is really reasonable given its huge servings. The ice-cream was soft, creamy and delicious. No wonder people queue for it!

Yup, that’s an extremely satisfied mama with her ice-cream. Eis Christina offers an excellent range of ice-cream flavours. Apart from regular milk ice-cream, they also do fruit sorbets and yoghurt ice-creams. There will surely be something for everyone if you enjoy ice-cream. They definitely do serve the best Italian ice-cream in Frankfurt.

Here’s the link to their Facebook page.


6 thoughts on “Eis Christina, Frankfurt

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    1. You like peppermint flavoured ice-cream too! I’m just glad people enjoy other flavours apart from chocolate. All my husband eats is chocolate puddings, cakes and ice-cream. No other flavours.

      1. Ohhhh noooo you might think this is odd but… I dislike chocolate. Chocolate has to be the absolute last thing I would order for dessert or a sweet. Bring on vanilla, strawberry, peppermint, anything really!

        1. You’re not the first person to tell me you dislike chocolate. I never used to want chocolate when I lived in Singapore. But ever since moving to EU, I developed an unfortunate liking for it. However when it comes to ice-cream, I prefer fruity ones. 🙂

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