Relax Café Bar Restaurant, Frankfurt

How was your weekend? I hope it was great and you’ve managed to recharge for the week ahead.

Ours was filled with birthing information as we attended a prenatal course in Frankfurt. The course was spread across two full days which left me more confident of the upcoming birth but also tired since the clocks moved an hour ahead on Sunday (1 hour less sleep!). One of the highlights of the weekend was our lunch at Relax Café-Bar-Restaurant in Nordend, Frankfurt.


We grabbed the opportunity to sit out in the sun for lunch since we had to spend the entire day indoors for the course. It was so lovely to feel the sun at the back of my neck. I felt the gentle heat untying the knots in my shoulder muscles that hurt from carrying extra weight.

On Saturday, I ordered myself a delicious pan of Rosti with Turkey breast in mushroom sauce.


It was a good choice! I love rosti. Although it was pan-fried, it wasn’t too oily and the portion was just right. The mushroom sauce was cooked to the right texture – not too rich yet creamy. Most importantly, it wasn’t salty. A lot of German places tend to make their mushroom sauce salty (might as well call it salt sauce) but Relax did it very well. The smooth sauce complimented the golden brown turkey and rosti to perfection.

Everyone in the class (5 couples) loved the food so much that we requested to have lunch at Relax on Sunday afternoon again! This time, I ordered Leeks Quiche with Olives & Cheese which came with a massive portion of salad.


Quiche is one of my other favourite dishes. Unfortunately, I can’t find a good variety of quiches in supermarkets here apart from the regular Quiche Lorraine and Onion Quiche. You do get pampered by British supermarkets that sell a selection of quiche, especially M&S at reasonable prices. Hence, when a restaurant in Frankfurt serves quiche, I’ll be sure to try it out. Doesn’t the quiche at Relax look great? It was light and fluffy, and I loved the mix of olives and leeks. The salad was fresh and crunchy too.


Daniel ordered Bifteki on Sunday which is minced meat with cheese filling. It reminded me of Japanese Hamburger Steak. He said it was really delicious and they were pretty generous with the cheese filling too. The potato wedges were well baked to golden brown and were very tasty. They were definitely of good quality unlike frozen, cardboard-tasting chips/ wedges.

Nordend has a excellent range of cafés, bars and restaurants. If not for the prenatal class, I doubt I would venture there to try such excellent food. It was definitely an eye-opener because I’ve now seen a great neighbourhood. There are plenty of choices available in Nordend and it does make me want to explore the area a bit more.

If you’re new to Frankfurt or want to try a new restaurant out, why not give Relax a shot? It’s definitely worth a visit for its food and service! And if you fancy an ice-cream later, Eis Christina is just down the road.


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