Luminale 2014 – Römer, Church Crawl, Rossmarkt & Börse

The 7th Biennale of Luminale is once again in Frankfurt. With more than 180 lighting projects illuminating the city, Frankfurt is transformed into a city of light.

We joined two friends to explore the displays in town. Here are some of the displays we saw.

Orchestrating the Depth of Light @ Rossmarkt


“The display uses media technology to animate the complex depth of the architectural surface while inviting visitors to engage with its interactive lighting system, which is triggered by camera flashlights.”

A Spark of Soul @ Katharinenkirche


A blue light display at the centre of the altar which is constantly emerging and dissolving. When I first saw it I thought it symbolises humans being born into this world and then passing on, our physical bodies disappearing like ashes into the air.

Tomorrow is Now @ Römerplatz



“The Raumlabor, in the heart of the city on the Römerberg, allows for a playful approach to the present and future and challenges us to a cross-generational debate about resource consumption on the planet.”


Römerplatz in the evening is enchanting.

LightGestalten @ Frankfurt Döm






The church is absolutely transformed by the neon lights. Somehow it looks less like a church. Still, as I walked silently towards the altar and looked up at the cross, I asked Him to watch over my little man, guide him safely into our arms and give me the strength to overcome the barriers before us.


One thought on “Luminale 2014 – Römer, Church Crawl, Rossmarkt & Börse

  1. the church is very beautiful all lighted up. I remembered we saw a church like this all lit up in Vienna too, and it opens till very late so we could go take pics when we were there.

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