Eisener Steg, Frankfurt

This pedestrian-only iron bridge was built between 1868 and 1869 to connect the old town of Frankfurt to Sachsenhausen. We always cross this tourists-packed bridge whenever we walk into town. One side of it gives you the view of skyscrapers in Frankfurt, and the other of the Döm. Little wonder is it that popular.

The bridge is also popular among couples who attach locks with their names inscribed to symbolise their love. Most of the time, the keys to the locks are then thrown into the river. I’ve never done it and probably wouldn’t since it’s not really my idea of “fun”, but here are some photos of the locks.

Here’s my favourite of “kinky” Sir George’s locks. What’s with the handcuffs, I wonder.







The number of locks on Eisener Steg isn’t as massive as the one in Köln, Seoul or Paris. Still, I thought they do look cool given that the locks came in different shapes, sizes and colours.

It did occur to me that there isn’t a shop nearby that sells the locks. So do people come prepared? I joked about how profitable it would be if I provided such a service!

If you do visit Frankfurt and want to leave a lock on the bridge, do come prepared! To all the couples who believe in this ritual, may I wish you everlasting love!


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