Okonomiyaki is basically a cabbage-based Japanese pancake. It’s such an extremely adaptable dish that my friends and I made three varieties in one night on Saturday.

Cheese Okonomiyaki


Shrimp Okonomiyaki


Pork Belly Okonomiyaki


Bet you’re thinking “Huh? They all look the same!

That was what we thought too but still, we couldn’t resist taking photos of each okonomiyaki we made. It has been ages since I had it so I was really looking forward to dinner with my friend. I’ve never made okonomiyaki at home so this was a good learning experience for me. I’ll probably try one with bacon, shrimps and octopus/squid all in one okonomiyaki next time. Daniel especially loved the pork belly okonomiyaki but he just loves meat.

The versions we made were modelled after the Osaka style of okonomiyaki. We had to improvise on ingredients such as Aonori. An Asian supermarket in Frankfurt was selling a tiny bottle of Aonori for €9! That’s daylight robbery, surely! While the Japanese swear by their Japanese Mayo, we used regular mayo too. I don’t think we would be happy to pay €7 for a bottle of mayonnaise.

Here’s the Hiroshima version which Daniel and I tried during our Japan holiday in 2012. The ingredients were layered on and served with yakisoba. They were also very generous with their okonomiyaki sauce.


Have you tried okonomiyaki before? What are your favourite ingredients to include in this dish?


11 thoughts on “Okonomiyaki

    1. Thank you! My friend wasn’t measuring the ingredients so I couldn’t make notes for the recipe. However I did find some reliable Japanese recipes online so I’m gonna give them a try.

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