Meatless Dinner when Watching Walking Dead

P.S Don’t tell me I shouldn’t be watching shows like this because my son will end up looking horrible. I’m a really shamelessly proud Mama who thinks her son is seriously CUTE already! Don’t all mums do that anyway? :p

Do you watch Walking Dead?

I started the series from Season 2 and have been watching it since then with Daniel. The series can be gruesome, bloody, shocking and disgusting visually, but there are some interesting themes running such as survival, humanity, betrayal, trust and so on.

Occasionally we sit on the sofa with our laptrays to watch an episode while having dinner. What I’ve learnt over 3 seasons is to never serve meat when watching the show. Thank goodness for the Mushroom & Leek Risotto I made the other night.


We’ve only just started watching the recording of Season 4 and to be honest, we aren’t hooked into the storyline yet. Each episode someone dies (duh), they go out for a run, people within the prison are hooking up with each other (romance or desperation?). However, Daniel and I aren’t sure what the plot is, where it’s heading to. Thus far, it has only been even more bloody and the deaths are portrayed more vividly than ever.

In the previous seasons, we cared about the characters who died. We felt sorry for them. But till now, I don’t even know those who died in Season 4. Is this all part of desensitisation? Where I stop feeling for a person I don’t know and couldn’t care less of?

Ironically, we felt extremely sorry for the cute piglets that Rick (the main character) had to sacrifice to save the prison. As he used each piglet as a bait to lure the walkers (zombies) away from the prison, tears welled up in my eyes. Daniel had a look of disgust on his face. We felt more for the pigs than humans!

After yesterday’s episode, we concluded that if meat was going to be part of our dinner, we’ll not be watching Walking Dead and eating at the same time. For the time being, no pork for us. We’ll see how long this lasts…


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