Mainz Cathedral

A Roman Catholic Church with a history of a thousand years, the Mainz Cathedral left a deep impression on me with its stunning Romanesque architectural style. Situated in the Altstadt’s bustling market square, the cathedral is a must-see when in Mainz.


The interior of the church is just as impressive as its exterior, if not more. Elaborate paintings can be found on the high ceilings of the main hall as one walks towards the altar.



The church also gives off a mysterious air as old underground passageways are sealed off. It makes you wonder where they used to lead to.


It also has a serene courtyard with a fountain in the middle which unfortunately isn’t opened to public. You can walk around it, but just not in it. I enjoyed playing with new camera angles and framing my photos on Saturday.






When you leave the church after visiting the courtyard on a Saturday, be prepared to be awed by the tempting aroma of cheese, wine and sausages from the market.



What a beautiful place Mainz is! It’s definitely worth visiting again.


7 thoughts on “Mainz Cathedral

    1. I didn’t know you’re based in Mainz! I absolutely loved it. Will be back in the summer since I’ve only visited the Cathedral and Christ Church. There’s plenty more to see there. 🙂

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