Dom Café, Mainz


It’s a classic, old-fashioned café that serves a good variety of mouth-watering cakes and pastries. Crowds are quick to grab seats outside facing the old market square, while the others are happy to soak up the simple but friendly atmosphere indoors.

After our visit to the impressive thousand years old cathedral, we decided to grab a drink and cake at the café. Like any other German café on a Saturday afternoon, Dom Café was packed like sardines. A quick glance into the café quickly hinted to me that it’s a popular hang out among the older folks. That didn’t matter to me because they surely know where to go for a good bite.

Although you order your drinks at the table, you’ll need to walk up to the counter at the entrance to select your choice of cake. The lady over the counter will give you a slip of paper which you’ll need to pass to the waitress who then brings you your cake.

The cakes there definitely look and taste exquisite and decadent. For €3,30 a slice, I think that’s really reasonable such good quality. They also sell chocolates to take away which would have been perfect for Easter but really, I couldn’t have any more chocolates than we do at home.

Great atmosphere, cakes, drinks and service (really friendly waitresses!) – definitely worth a visit if you’re in Mainz!


5 thoughts on “Dom Café, Mainz

  1. foodessen

    Isn’t the selection just amazing at some of the Cafes! We went to one on Friday in a very small village and even there she had at least fifteen different cakes to choose from. She makes them herself and one is more beautiful than the next, just wonderful.

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