Bauernmarkt Konstablewache (Farmers’ Market)

On Thursdays and Saturdays, temporary stalls are erected on the square at Konstablewache just opposite Frankfurter Sparkasse. The market attracts both locals and tourists alike who are keen to indulge in affordable fresh produce such as meat, cheese, bread, poultry, and fruits.


The smell of fresh fruits and vegetables was tempting me to do some shopping.


Herbs for Frankfurter Grüne Soße is now available too!

The market looks deceptively normal with stalls selling vegetables and flowers. However, you need to step into it and wander around to find the hidden treasures! There are plenty of stalls with benches and tables that sell your traditional currywursts, schnitzels, frikadellen, apple wine, champagne and different types of juice. In the heart of the market is where you’ll find locals with their families savouring these meaty dishes at very affordable prices.



Here’s the frikadelle and currywurst which we had for lunch. It cost us €4,90 altogether. Unlike supermarket currywursts, the sauce we had today was less thick, less sweet and more sour. It was very good! The frikadelle was unbelievably juicy and tender! I liked that they offered slices of bread as an alternative to bread rolls.





I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon at the Farmers’ Market. We’ve lived in Frankfurt for 2 years and today’s the FIRST time I’ve visited it. It’s never too late, I suppose.

Have a brilliant weekend, everyone!


5 thoughts on “Bauernmarkt Konstablewache (Farmers’ Market)

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  2. traditional currywursts, schnitzels, frikadellen, apple wine, champagne- all my fav food in 1 sentence!!!!!!!!!!! i can feel myself salivating here at 1215am on a monday night. i hate / love you.

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