Homemade Jam : Holunderblüte-Orange

Holunder is known as elderberry in English. Commonly used in Central European countries to produce syrups, I fell in love with its sweetness when a friend opened a bottle of holunder champagne for us last year.

A stall specialising in homemade jams caught my attention at the Farmers’s Market in Konstablewache yesterday – lots of holunder flavoured jam. As the only jam-eater in our household (who knows why it’s ok for Daniel to eat Jammie Dodgers and jam doughnuts but not spread jam on bread), I had the luxury of choosing whatever flavour I like without worrying if someone else will have it.


That was only half the stall. Many crowded round to savour the countless bottles of jam and I didn’t want to get in their way just to snap a photo. However, you can probably tell that I was spoilt for choice.

There was a choice between sweet jam for breakfast and slightly spicy ones that are used for cooking. I tried almost all the jam that had holunder in them. Holunder fanatic I am! To be honest, all were great. Unlike bottled jams you get at supermarkets, these had real fruity flavours and were a lot less sweet. Prices ranged between €3 to €5 which I thought was reasonable. A Mövenpick bottle of jam costs just slightly under €3. I reckon we should support local businesses that put in so much effort to produce great products.

That’s my purchase of the day! The sweetness of the Holunderblüte was well complimented with the taste of citrusy orange and lemon. Definitely a summer jam!

The 180g of jam expires in a year but I doubt it will last that long even though I’ll be the only one eating it. It would be a treat to dig into the jam in the morning – a good change from having butter/margarine on toast! No doubt will I be spreading it on my pancakes too.

The stall owner was a very friendly German lady. She hardly spoke English and was kind enough to speak German to me slowly even though she had other customers. After I’ve paid for my jam, she encouraged me to continue tasting the other jams. Seriously, I would have if it wasn’t time for lunch.

If you’re in town and want to get some local gifts or treats, do grab a bottle or two of jam from the Farmers’ Market at Konstablewache. They are there every Thursdays and Saturdays.


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