Manic Monday


Have you heard of the song “Manic Monday” by The Bangles?

Here’s my little silly moment to share with you. I used to think that the lyrics was “Just another Man-ache Monday…” Obviously didn’t make any sense to me. I often mishear lyrics. It happened with Maroon 5’s “Apologise” too. It sounded like “it’s too late to call the chives…too late…”

I’ve had a pleasant weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Bauernmarkt Konstablewache where I bought my favourite Holunderblüte-Orange jam. I did absolutely NOTHING on Sunday as I was up till 3am on Saturday night playing 7 Sevens as recommended by my sister-in-law. I felt like I had a night out on Sunday morning.
Warning: Do NOT play it if you’re a weakling for puzzle matching games like me.

I’m on to my 38th week of pregnancy. Yay! So glad to have reached full term. Not long more to go and this also means I have tasks which need to be accomplished before Theo arrives. A lot of it involves preparing to deal with German bureaucracy which isn’t fun. However, I know it’s best to fill out the necessary forms as soon as I can because our hands will be occupied by Theo once he’s here.

I hope you don’t dread Mondays THAT much if you have to work. Let’s all try to muster up the positive spirit in us and welcome Monday with a big, wide smile!


5 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. They play that song EVERY Monday on Harmony FM – I think it was funny the first time I heard it 😉 Congratulations on reaching full term and hope you’re not feeling too over the whole thing – I was so enormous I was barely able to move by that point (last October), and got stared at an awful lot in the street! Best of luck for when it all happens, and also for all the paperwork 😉

    1. Do they? I should turn on the radio more often. 🙂
      thank you! Getting stared at? Gosh… I’m lucky I’ve not got that on the streets. I’m actually soooo over the whole thing. Not fun carrying a watermelon on the front and not being able to get things done quickly. But I’m super nervous (more excited, really) to meet him though.

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