Happy Friday – Keep Moving


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve had a good Labour Day holiday on 1st May. And if you live in the UK, I hope you’ll enjoy your long weekend since Bank Holiday falls on next Monday.

On our way to “hang out” at Frankfurt Airport on Thursday (so happening right?!), I decided to take some random shots of commuters in the city. It occurred to me that I’m usually snapping away at attractions and I tend to ignore what daily life in Frankfurt is like. I’m really careful about taking photos of strangers because I worry about them not wanting to be in the photos especially when I know I’ll be sharing them online. Too bad if they so happen to be in the photo, but I wouldn’t take a picture of someone’s face on purpose without their permission. Therefore, it was good that the guy in the photo above was back facing me.

I really like the quote from Albert Einstein too which I’ve included in the photo. Isn’t it so true that we’ll just need to keep moving on in life? It doesn’t matter that we fall and hurt ourselves at times. What matters most is that we get up and continue to pedal along.

If you’ve had a bad week, I hope you won’t let it consume you or hold you back from enjoying the weekend. If you’ve had a fabulous week, good on you! May everyone have an awesome weekend!


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