The Versatile Blogger Award

Such a great award that allows bloggers to show their support for each other! To learn more about it, click here.

A very big thank you to Connie who blogs at Foodessen for awarding me The Versatile Blogger Award! Do check out her blog for an excellent mixture of German and American recipes. Or follow her on Twitter! She shares some interesting recipes links there too!

Prior to receiving this award, I wasn’t aware of it. So when Connie contacted me about it, I had to do a little desktop research to know why I even qualified for it. After looking it up, I’m really honoured to know that one has to take into account the recipients’ quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, and the quality of the photographs on their blogs. I’m over the moon to know that there are people out there reading my random thoughts and occasionally helpful posts.

As a rule, I’ll have to share 7 facts about myself.

1. My favourite city in the world is Tokyo. If I had the money, I would visit Tokyo at least TWICE a year. Can never get bored of that city!

View of Shibuya Crossing from Starbucks, Tokyo
View of Shibuya Crossing from Starbucks, Tokyo


2. When I’m stressed out, I dig into a tub of Nutella with a tablespoon.


3. I’m a cat-convert. Those feline creatures were my greatest enemies till I lived with Abby, Lollipop and Bailey in Oxford. I love them so much!


4. I refuse to step out of the house without drawing my eyebrows. They almost non-existent! Think of Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act. On the plus side, I have so few body hair that I NEVER need to shave my legs! Muahahaha!


5. I have a major fear of heights. No cable car rides, roller coasters, long escalators, ferris wheel rides and so on. See! Those kids behind me are fearless!!!


6. I will not use a microwave UN-supervised. 16 years ago I nearly burnt my parents’ apartment because I put foil in the microwave.


7. I LOVE blogging! It’s such a great platform to meet like-minded people who are ever so supportive and kind towards me. I’ve not met any in person, but somehow reading each others’ blogs makes me feel like we know a little about each other.

Source: The Abundant Artist
Source: The Abundant Artist


Here are the 15 awesome Bloggers who I’ll nominate because I love their writing style, the topics they cover and all the beautiful photos which they share. Do check them out too!

1. Michelle at Bacon and Jack Russells

2. Kaori at Twist and Turn

3. Nami at Just One Cookbook

4. Lina at The Adventures of Mom-Mom

5. Andrea at Cooking with a Wallflower

6. Aki at Aki-san Japan

7. Sarah at Backpack Bees

8. Lesley at Bucket List Publications

9. Erica at A King’s Wanderlust

10. Elisa at 8A in the Kitchen

11. Sonia and Candice at Everybody Loves Pretty

12. Weizhong at Truphotos

13. Celia at Celia in Tokyo

14. Deanna at From Casinos to Castles

15. Aya, Ran, Atsuko and Yuri at Ninja Girls

These are the blogs I regularly follow and I feel that these bloggers have either inspired me, encouraged me, taught me or introduced me to new perspectives. We may be talking about cooking, travelling, exercising, expat lifestyle, photography or my latest interest – motherhood, they have all shed light on how I can get better in those fields.

So, congratulations everyone! If you’ve not checked their blogs out, do drop by and say hello to them! They all seem like really wonderful people who I’d love to meet in person if I had the chance. 🙂




12 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. oh my goodness! so honoured! Made my day. i cannot wait to see you when you are back in singapore! and i will be sad when you leave … thank you thank you for the nomination!

    We are actually pretty similar! I will never not draw my eyebrows and i dont have leg hair either! But recently i had my brows embroidered so i dont draw them anymore! i am also super scared of heights!

    1. You deserve it! So much effort put into planning your trips, taking photos and then sharing with others!

      I don’t dare to let anyone do anything with my eyebrows apart from threading them. Speaking of which, running low on eye brow make up, better go buy some later! Hi^5 on the fear of heights! I used to hate crossing overhead bridges in SG which had gaps between steps. Made me cry so many times as a kid!

  2. Congrats! I absolutely agree on number 1 + 2. I recently booked flights to Tokyo for October and I can’t wait to be back. It’s been way too long. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Nicole! You’re visiting Tokyo this oct?! That’s amazing! I’m excited for you! Bet it will be like walking down memory lane for you. As for number 2, I’m always happy to find people who enjoy Nutella. 🙂

  3. foodessen

    Congratulations and you’re welcome! I love the Nutella for stress idea, how perfect 🙂 Keep up the great blogging. I can’t wait to check out the blogs you’ve chosen that are new to me.

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