I am a seafood LOVER

Is it an absolute fact that seafood is definitely cheaper if you live in a seaside town? If it’s true, I’m living in the wrong city. Even if it’s the heart of Germany that gives great access to all parts of Europe, Frankfurt doesn’t give me my greatest love – seafood. Well, not in terms of the price tags that come along with fresh seafood.

As I walked along the second level of Kleinmarkthalle, I realised how lucky I was to have fish EVERYDAY in Singapore. I could get my hands on frozen fish fillets from the supermarkets here, but they really don’t taste the same. One of my favourite dishes is Chinese-style steamed fish. That and steaming hot white rice is an amazing meal for me.



Occasionally, I buy a whole fish from Hit Supermarkt in Frankfurt to steam. Thankfully Daniel isn’t too concerned with those big, round, innocent eyes popping out at him at the dinner table. As he didn’t grow up eating steamed fish, I was caught by surprise that he actually quite fancied it.

The next thing I saw that sent me plastering my face against the glass panel was tiger prawns!


How I miss steamed prawns with Chinese rice wine! Again, such a simple dish which brings out the sweetness of the prawns! Don’t even get me started on BBQ tiger prawns! Once I get started, you’ll have to drag me by the collar to stop. The tiger prawns were €6,90 per 100g. I was too timid to ask how heavy a prawn was. Who buys just a couple of prawns, right?


Scallops, octopus, squids… I’m sure all you see is raw seafood. Probably not very appetising. However, my brain works in a strange manner when I see seafood. Instead of seeing them in their raw form, I imagine them as cooked dishes!

How do you think I can exclaim how delicious these creatures are as I visit an aquarium? It puzzles Daniel too.


6 thoughts on “I am a seafood LOVER

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  2. I love fish and seafood and hardly eat any here, it just feels a bit wrong when we’re so landlocked! I do really like the local Zander though. I’m going to England for a couple of weeks soon and am heading straight for Brighton to have fish and chips on the beach 🙂

  3. oh my god i love seafood too!!!! we eat a lot of flower crabs (remember them?), crabs, prawns and we just cook them with chilli or grill them. We will go to sheng shiong to buy the live ones and one of my skills is killing crabs, i know, i amaze myself too. hahaha! when you back, we go eat!

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