Choose to be Awesome


You’ve had a great weekend but it was as usual, too short. It’s back to waking up early, drinking coffee out of necessity, being part of peak hour traffic and joining the rat race. Sounds rather depressing, doesn’t it?

Now, wouldn’t Mondays be a more positive experience if we allow it to be? Let’s start off by deciding that we’re ALL gonna be AWESOME on Monday!


5 thoughts on “Choose to be Awesome

  1. i started off my monday morning v v v well by having bf with my husband. Then after i met my sister to go to dbs to open an account and it took us 4 hours there. a lot of my brain cells died man… first they told us they cannot find our appointment at 2pm then later at 2pm, they say we are 4th in queue and i lost my temper and said no, we made an appt and we are here.

    then the lady opening our account took so long and so damn slow i think i grew white hair sitting there… so damn drained after and went to eat jap food with my sister.

    heres to a better week ahead!!!!

    1. Poor you!!! What’s the point of making an appointment if they cannot keep to it. Such poor customer service! I hope your week gets better! I woke up this morning to my neighbour upstairs telling me my kitchen water supply will be turned off for an hour cos she needed to do kitchen reno. No idea how water pipes here work. I told her I needed to boil water for breakfast (which takes seconds to fill a kettle) and she told me to get water from the bathroom! I shut the door in her face la!

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