Frankfurt Dippemess 2014

Frankfurt’s Spring Dippemess dates back to the 14th Century. It used to be a medieval market for potters to gather to sell their ceramics and pots. Over the years, fairground booths and other popular attractions join the largest folk festival in the Rhein-main region on this annual affair.

A major attraction for the locals, the fair showcases a variety of rides for young children and adults. While the kiddy rides and games put smiles to children’s faces, the other hi-tech rides aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Kids trying to “walk on water”.


Catch the rubber duckies and win a toy!


Dan and I spent a good amount of time discussing which mode of transport Theodore will choose in the future. We decided that it’s important to let him make his own choice (instead of us saying “take this” or “ride that”). Mama really fancies riding the horse carriage though, and Papa likes the bus.


This isn’t for the faint-hearted or anyone with the slightest fear of heights. Not only do I not like going in circles, the ride spins you high up into the air! Watching it alone was nerve wrecking. Enough said!



This ride propels you into the air (which one doesn’t?!) and hangs you upside down at its peak MOMENTARILY!


I do wonder what gives others the strength to go on these rides. While I enjoy watching people scream their lungs out, and I know it’s perhaps very thrilling, I get sick each time I try anything like that out.

Here’s a video of one of the rides in action.

More thrilling rides for the adventurous souls out there…



Despite not daring enough to get on any of the rides (even if I wasn’t pregnant), I enjoyed my time at the fairground. It was after all a Spring fair. After those dark and cold months, it was great being out in the open without our coats and sheepskin boots. I love the happy atmosphere on such occasions. People wandering around with their families and friends with smiles on their faces, that’s always a nice scene to see.

One of my favourite activities at these fairs is the food. We bought some salted popcorn.


And I left satisfied after inhaling the rich, aromatic scent of grilled meat and sausages. How typical of a German festival!

There are many festivals that take place throughout the year in Frankfurt. Is there a particular fair/festival that you would recommend in the city you live in in Germany? Please let me know!


2 thoughts on “Frankfurt Dippemess 2014

  1. i just finished 2 hours of gym and trying to lose weight by not snacking or having supper. And i see the sausages!!! why do you do this to me? do you know when i am working out, i can see bak kua flying in front of me and i dream of eating economic rice? oh my god… hahaha!

    1. At JC my evil PE teacher used to make us run round the track and shout “1 pineapple tart!” It’s ok, you’re working out hard so indulging once in a while is alright! 🙂

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