Espresso Store – Take A Shot in Frankfurt


Famous for its high quality espresso, roasted coffee beans and fancy (expensive) coffee machines, Espresso Store can be found in the middle of Frankfurt’s Kleinmarkthalle.

As it was a Saturday afternoon, the café-bar was crowded with locals who needed a shot of espresso after lunch. Daniel decided to join in the “fun” to get rid of a migraine he woke up with.


A shot costs €1,70. I’m not an espresso drinker as they are usually too strong for my liking. Very seldom do I need kicks like that to get me moving. Daniel said the shot he had was really strong and bold. It was just extremely bitter for me but I can understand why some people say it’s the best espresso in town. It does give you the kick.


I ordered latte macchiato shake with choco cookie syrup. Unfortunately the lady probably didn’t hear me very well and got me an ordinary latte macchiato shake instead (costs €3). Nonetheless, it was a good drink. If I choose to drink coffee, I like the beans to be strong and dark. What’s worst than diluted coffee?

Do not expect to find seats at this café-bar. You’ll either be standing by a tall table or the bar itself sipping your coffee away. As it gets really crowded, it’s also not the place to hang out and chit-chat. Chances are the person behind you wants you to move on so that they can get a quick drink too. We knew this would be the case and wasn’t looking for a café to chill out anyway. Hence, it worked out pretty well for us.


8 thoughts on “Espresso Store – Take A Shot in Frankfurt

  1. there are so many cafes springing up in sg i get sick of them. all super expensive (2 eggs for $20??) and bad food. give me a normal restaurant anyday now.

    i love the smell of coffee especially in a cold ctry. here, they are usually over roasted and smells and tastes acidic!

  2. I’m not a coffee drinker (well I would be but I don’t drink caffeine!) but if I was, I would make a beeline straight for this place – it looks fab. I’ve never made it to the Kleinmarkthalle yet – I can’t believe I call myself a food lover 😉

    1. It’s a really cool place. There’s a wurst shop there that had a looong queue for hours on Saturday. I’ve no idea if it’s really that great cos I couldnt be bothered and was too hungry. However, I did enjoy my time sampling the other stuff that stallholders offered. Great experience!

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