Kleinmarkthalle Frankfurt

A stone’s throw away from the gothic Frankfurt Döm, Kleinmarkthalle is an indoor market showcasing more than 60 stalls. A food lover’s paradise which attracts both locals and tourists alike with its produce such as its variety of cheese, meat, seafood, exotic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

Here’s a selection of fresh fruits you can find there. They even have my favourite Thai mangoes! However, the price tag was enough to put me off. Some stalls were selling one Thai mango for €5! That’s 600-700% more than what I would pay for in Singapore. I’ll wait patiently for June/July to arrive and get a crate of the mangoes from the Asian supermarket – €5 for 4 mangoes. You’ve got to admit that the fruits look stunningly fresh and inviting though.


For wursts lovers out there, this is the place for you. Stall owners selling salami are consistently slicing bite-sized salamis for patrons to try. Some stalls also sell cheese along with salamis and you’ll get to try them out too before buying. I never knew there was such a mega huge variety of cheese out there! I do wonder if people get full just from food sampling at Kleinmarkthalle.


The smell of freshly baked bread and flavoured cream cheese spreads were one of my favourites at the market. The cream cheese spread with chives was the winner for me. It costs €2,60 per 200g. I used to think Philadelphia cream cheese was amazing till I tried this stuff at the market. Lately, I haven’t been too pleased with Philadelphia cream cheese as they always go bad way before their expiry dates. I’ve checked my refrigerator and nothing seems to be wrong with it. I’ll definitely get myself some herby cream cheese once I’m done with my bottle of homemade jam that I got from the farmer’s market the other week.


If you’re into exotic spices (which I think can really be a challenge to find in ordinary German supermarkets, and don’t mind spending a tad more) or into nuts, you MUST MUST MUST visit the Persian store in the middle of Kleinmarkthalle! They have a huge variety of nuts to sample so take your time to savour. The only downside to the store is the pushy sales lady. While she was hospitable and very knowledgable, whenever she offered me a sample, she was quick to shove a pack of nuts in my face and ask “One packet? Two? You want?” If she had backed off, I would have taken a closer look at the other variety of nuts they had. However her less than desirable sales attitude made me make up my mind very quickly as I wanted to get out of there ASAP!

Moral of the story – don’t get pushy with me. I won’t spend a single cent more if you were. Therefore, I ended up buying only the walnuts which I needed for pesto and Daniel’s Chocolate coated coffeebeans. Those beans are amazing! I’ve packed some to send them off to Singapore for Michelle at Bacon and Jack Russells!

The second level (what?! There’s more?!) of the market sells seafood, oysters (it was painful to watch people eat and I couldn’t!), speciality meat, expensive olive oil and various eggs. Check out the mega huge white goose eggs! €3 for 1 egg! Anyone had it before? How does it taste and how do you cook it?




We went on a busy Saturday afternoon which was actually quite fun. I had to make sure my bump wasn’t squashed, neither could I suck in my tummy to get around tighter corners. Nonetheless, it was quite an experience with Daniel. He really loved the place, the atmosphere and was happily sampling the food. No idea when he became a foodie like me. The market felt so vibrant and lively! Weekday afternoons are quieter so if you prefer to avoid crowds, that’s a good time to visit.

So if you’re ever in Frankfurt, so make time to visit Kleinmarkthalle. They have cafés and restaurants there too for you to enjoy a meal/ drink after exploring the market. A Spanish tapas bar in the market caught our attention but it was too busy and we couldn’t get seats during lunch time. What a shame! However, there’s always a NEXT TIME for us at Kleinmarkthalle!


15 thoughts on “Kleinmarkthalle Frankfurt

  1. expatfrankfurt

    Good post! It’s been on my list of places to take a camera and write a post for a while. It’s the whole atmosphere that works for me… A great place to go and enjoy some snacks and a drink

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    1. Picture this: Daniel standing next to me saying “The beans taste so good!” How to not buy? It’s like when we go to Indonesia and kenna overcharged and he stood next to me “Wow! That’s so cheap!”

  7. foodessen

    We keep putting off going, and we’re just going to have to make a special trip just to go to the Kleinmarkthalle! Thanks so much for posting about it 🙂

    1. Wow! A special trip! That’s great! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂 let me know if you get your hands on the famous Schreiber wursts. The queue was too long for me and I got soooo hungry.

      1. foodessen

        It’s under an hour drive, really not that bad but we just keep waiting. I will definitely let you know if we get some Wurst. I am really hoping to find some Mexican food products 🙂

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