First Date Gift: Deep-fried Flowers

And you’ve got yourself a second date! Well, if your date absolutely LOVES Holunder (Elder Berry) as much as I do.

My German friend knows how much I adore holunder. I go on and on about the holunder jam I bought and how much I loved Hugo, champagne with holunder which I tried last Spring. You know I really love it because I don’t touch alcohol much anymore (even before having Theo). When she saw a stall selling deep-fried holunder, holunder berry juice and holunder flower juice, we decided to give it a try.


It sounded strange to eat deep-fried flowers. Then again, what’s so strange about it when I eat vegetable tempura like eggplants, sweet potatoes, ladies fingers and so on?

Here’s a photo of the beautiful holunder that we were going to dig into.


I ordered myself a glass of fresh holunder berry juice. This stuff was way much better than those cartons you get at supermarkets which are packed with sugar and preservatives. It tasted so natural and fresh!


So how do they make deep-fried holunder flowers? Fairly straight forward. Grab a bunch of flowers, and dip them into boiling hot oil.


You could season it with ground cinnamon and sugar after it’s cooked but we were recommended to have it plain as it was our first try.


Doesn’t it look beautifully fried? Perfect golden brown! The once soft petals were then coated in crispy batter. Despite it being deep-fried, as I bit into the holunder flowers, I could still taste its sweetness. I love this new found snack!

Remember me blogging about how I imagine what seafood dishes to cook as I walk through aquariums? When we walked past a florist after lunch, I asked Daniel, “Reckon these flowers can be deep fried too?”


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