Würst Saturday

Ever since I found out about the food stalls at the Bauernmarkt Konstablewache, I officially declared Saturdays as Würst Days. It’s the day we go to the market and order a crusty bread roll with a well grilled sausage in it.

I ordered a Grilled Bratwurst which is a pork sausage. It was so juicy and tasty!


My German friend ordered a Wildboar sausage. Doesn’t it look big, fat and round? It was apparently delicious too. I’ve not had wildboar before but I’m curious to give it a shot the next time.


See the yellow stuff on the sausages? It was mustard. However it doesn’t taste sharp and spicy like American mustard or some English mustard that stings and numbs your tongue. Usually, they are very mild and slightly sweet. I’m not a fan of mustard and would avoid them on most occasions, but I love this sort of German mustard.

Wanting to be different, Daniel ordered a XXL Schnitzel Brötchen. Ok, I’m kidding. He has the habit of ordering a Schnitzel whenever we visit a German restaurant for the first time. Apparently that’s how he judges if it’s a good restaurant. No idea how that’s a fair evaluation if the restaurant doesn’t specialise in Schnitzels. He does the same thing with Chinese restaurants by ordering Sweet and Sour Pork at every new Chinese place he goes to. Strange? I’m with you guys on this.


So anyway, he wanted to know what Schnitzels could taste like when served out of a restaurant. The crust was crisp and the meat was tender. As the store seller made it there and then, the Schnitzel tasted fresh. It was unlike some restaurants or canteens (what can you expect of work canteens at times?) where they’ve deep-fried the pork hours before and the batter has gone all soggy by the time you get served. He was a satisfied man after that Schnitzel and retreated into a food coma while the ladies continued on our food hunt…


7 thoughts on “Würst Saturday

    1. I would do that too if my stomach wasn’t squashed by a baby! I saw waffle there and thought of you. But Daniel was too full to eat more. Next time I’ll order the waffle and eat on your behalf ok?

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