Positive Thinking for Mondays

Many people I know habitually attach negative feelings to Mondays. The start of the week symbolises the loss of freedom to do whatever they want and the start of work stress and worries. When you offer a listening ear, you would realise that those worries are what I call “first world problems”. For example, “Gosh, gotta wake up at 6am again!”, “Gotta deal with that email!”, “Don’t know what to wear for work!”, “I slept late and I’m so sleepy now…” and so on.


I think whatever our issues with Mondays are, it’s perfectly acceptable to moan about it MODERATELY. It helps get the frustration off our chests and that’s healthy. However, should the negativity start to consume you and people around you (and some people start moaning on Sundays and ruin the day!), perhaps it’s time to get your act together, do something about your life and change your mindset.

Thinking and acting positively empowers us. It makes us feel like we can overcome the challenges our way. It would motivate us to try our best. On the contrary, negative thinking resigns you to failure BEFORE you even attempt to make an effort.

On a personal note, this week is my 40th Week. I thought I would be overwhelmed with fear but nope; I’m nervous in an excited way because I could possibly have my world’s cutest little man cuddling up with me soon! There are of course more people around me who are equally (if not more) excited about our new addition than those who cheekily place doubt into what I think motherhood/parenthood would be like, and I’m thankful for them.

Becoming a mum and being responsible for another tiny, vulnerable life is the biggest responsibility I’ve been entrusted to thus far in my life. I reckon it should go on my CV and be highlighted because seriously, it got to be the most demanding “managing” position than any other multi-billion dollar projects out there in the corporate world.

Come what may, motherhood! I welcome you with a positive mind amidst all the poo, wee, screams and hair pulling that come as a package.


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