Love Thy Neighbour

Do you get along with your neighbours?


Fortunately for me, I’ve never really had dreadful neighbours. The worst I’ve had was when the couple who lived above our flat in Oxford didn’t sort out their rubbish into the different bins and I complained to the property agent about it. The complain was valid because it was disgusting to have trash oozing out of the bins which could attract pests.

We’ve been fortunate in Germany to not have inconsiderate neighbours. There are 8 units in our block and people greet each other. As I’m home most of the time, I’m more than happy to collect parcels for my working neighbours to save them trips to the post office.

Due to the language barrier, there is only one neighbour that I engage in actual conversations with. Most of the time she tells me ridiculous stuff like the following:

Conversation 1

Me: So how’s your new apartment? Settled in well? Is it noisy or anything like that?

Neighbour: All is great! And I hear EVERYTHING. Like EVERYTHING.

(Left me puzzled because we don’t hear ANYTHING!)

Conversation 2

*Door bell rang*

Neighbour: Good afternoon! I just wanted to check on you to see if you’ve given birth!

Me: Awww… That’s sweet!

Neighbour: I think about you and your baby ALL THE TIME!

Conversation 3

Neighbour: NEVER let the doctors do a C-section on you or induce you! I have 3 children. TRUST ME!

Me: (More than the doctors?)

Conversation 4

Daniel had a bad cough for weeks.

Neighbour: You cough a lot. Do you smoke?

Daniel: No.

Me: Sorry about it, he had a bad cough and cold.

Neighbour: I see! I was about to knock on your door and advise Daniel to stop smoking!

Conversation 5

Neighbour: You must eat a lot of salt because your eyes are puffy.

Me: (Thanks! I’m overdue and now I’m basically told I look like a bloody puffer fish.)

Conversation 6

Neighbour: (Upon seeing me STILL with a bump) You’re still not here, JEREMY!?!?!

Me: (Who the hell is Jeremy?)

Conversation 7

Neighbour: I hope you didn’t spend too much on clothes for your baby.

Me: We got what’s necessary and lots of presents.

Neighbour: That’s lovely! I hope people got you bigger sizes and not only newborn size.

Me: Yeah, we have a good mix from 0-3mth to bigger sizes.

Neighbour: 0-3mths is too small!!! You should start buying from 6mths and just dress your baby up in bigger sizes!

Me: (Yah right… Dress a newborn in a sleepsuit for 6mths old. I could tie the ends of the sleeves and feet together so my baby looks mental!)

Conversation 8

Neighbour: If you need a ride to the hospital, just get Daniel to ring my doorbell. However, I have a two-seater. He’ll need to run behind my car.

Me: Thanks for the offer! (Surely my husband will be very pleased about that?)


6 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbour

  1. Ahahah! I just discovered your blog from your post about Kleinmarkthalle (I did one too about this market) and I love your writing style. This neighbor is quite something else!
    I’m french and my husband had a job opportunity last year that we couldn’t refuse. So I live now in Oberursel, since last september, and I like to blog and “click away”, as you say, too. I hope you will be all right with the birth. I will follow your blog from now on and hope to discover many more things from this beautiful area we live in. Tschüssi!

  2. Those were great! I LOL’d @ #6 & #8. My neighbours are all pretty nice but, like you, there is a language barrier (most of the people in my apartment building are immigrants from all over the world). We did have an issue with the neighbours below us arguing loudly late on Sunday evening, but they did keep it down when my husband went down to ask. Hopefully that’s the worst of it!

    1. Oh dear! It’s always awkward isn’t it when others start arguing really loudly. Thankfully the most of our neighbours live alone. Hopefully yours will stay harmonious too! Hehe

  3. foodessen

    Sounds like you have a very interesting neighbor. 😉 The place we lived in before we moved into the family house was quite interesting. My husband had lived there alone and was gone a lot (this was a very well insulted building). When I moved in the neighbors complained about the noise and I am actually a very quiet person and I never wore shoes inside. I kept telling him they were just used to him being gone, they were not nice at all (all the other neighbors took my side). Now they have a young girl that wears high heels inside and is really noisy living above them. From what we’ve heard they are not happy 😀

    1. What a nightmare if someone wears heels around the house?! Gosh! Thank goodness you don’t live there anymore.

      You’re probably right that they got used to the quietness. When the old lady above us moved us, it was total silence. Now, we hear occasional footsteps from our new neighbour or when she drops stuff on the floor. But then again, it’s not something to complain about because it’s all part of apartment-living.

      1. foodessen

        That’s how I looked at it, it’s part of apartment-living! We didn’t complain about his daily and nightly coughing, LOL which we could hear! Have a great day 🙂

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