K’ties Café, Frankfurt – Part 2

Earlier this year, while it was still dark and gloomy in winter, I visited K’ties Café. I had a delicious French breakfast set while Daniel ordered buttery scrambled eggs with ham and bread (read about our previous experience here).

As a reader recommended me their cakes, I made my way back to K’ties on a hot and sunny Thursday morning. Unlike my first experience on that weekend, the café was less busy on a weekday morning. I settled myself down in the cosy corner of the room where the window was left opened so that I could feel the occasional warm breeze against my skin. 20140522-223231-81151803.jpg

My latest love is rhubarb hence it was no surprise that I was tempted by the rhubarb tart behind the counter. As though the sourness in rhubarbs isn’t enough, I ordered a glass of cold Citron Pressé (French lemonade). No wonder Theodore got all hyper-active while I was enjoying my me-time at K’ties!


It was a super delicious tart and rhubarb was definitely the main ingredient. While the rhubarb was sourish, the pastry was slightly sweet. A perfect combination!

It was bright-tasting and very uplifting especially in the morning to indulge in this beautifully homemade rhubarb tart.


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