Cantina Mescal Mexican Restaurant, Frankfurt

Ever since Theodore was born, we live by his schedule. Gone are the days (for now) where we decide in advance that lunch/ dinner is at a specific time. These days meal times often coincide with fussing time, nappy changing time or feeding time. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying life is a lot easier with a newborn if you’re prepared to leave your past habits behind temporarily.

Prior to his birth, dinners were served between 6 and 730pm the latest. I would dread it so much if we had dinner too late. Nowadays, dinners can be as late as 9pm because a little new being can demand so much of two adults that we simply have to give him 110% of our attention.

Since it’s Fathers’ Day this Sunday, we decided to take the opportunity to have a nice meal outside (after Theodore’s feed, of course). Initially we were worried about bringing Theodore out in case he screams in public. However, what can you expect of a 3 week old? I’m not hiding at home for fear of my baby crying in public. Hence, we chose to have lunch at Cantina Mescal, a Mexican restaurant near us.

We ordered a Quesadilla Grande each. It’s basically crunchy tortilla flour wrap with minced beef, jalepenoes and melted cheese served with sour cream and tomato salsa on the side. Yummiliious it was!

Lunch was a quick affair as the weather was heating up real quickly for Theodore. It’s Dan’s first Fathers’ Day but I’ve not done anything for him. I feel bad about it since it’s meant to be a special event for him. However we’re both dead tired due to sleep deprivation to thoroughly enjoy ourselves anyway.


Anyone with a newborn (or been through the newborn phase) will agree that the above picture is a common sight.


2 thoughts on “Cantina Mescal Mexican Restaurant, Frankfurt

  1. You’re awesome for getting out there with a 3 week old and all I would say is, make the most of it! Those cries are still small and cute (no really, believe me, they are) and you can just stuff Theo in a sling and put your napkin on his head 😉 We went out a few times with the Mini Dietz whilst he was tiny but now at 8 months, any kind of civilised meal out is pretty much impossible. So, go out for food every day! For all three meals! And enjoy every minute of it, even though you can hardly see your food because you’re so tired 😉

    I still haven’t got round to commenting on Theo’s birth announcement… a huge congratulations, he’s gorgeous – I hope you and the little chap are both doing well 🙂

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