One Month Old


Whenever I look at Theo, I still find it hard to believe that I’ve got a son.

He was that little black dot that developed into (in my opinion) the most perfect being that stole my heart.

Here’s what I’ve learnt about parenthood in the past month.

1. 24/7 job: Babies don’t come with on-off buttons. They demand your attention all the time. It’s an exhausting “job” which doesn’t get enough recognition and credit. The responsibility is so huge that I can understand why some people decide to not have kids to not be tied down by the commitment. At the same time, it’s one of the most rewarding “jobs” and hence I can totally see why many go on to have more kids despite the hard work.

2. Love knows no boundaries: Little did I know I had that much capacity to love our little boy. Strange isn’t it? I barely know him and I already adore him.

3. Worst heartaches EVER: When I saw Theodore in Intensive Care and then had to have casts on his legs, my heart broke. I felt a part of me died. The pain I felt for what he had to go through made whatever failed romance so trivial.

4. Team spirit: Daniel, Theodore and I have to work as a team to make things work. Having said that, Theodore can be rather uncooperative at times. It’s important to communicate between ourselves (Dan and I) to know what roles we need to play and tasks to do. Sharing responsibilities is vital to keep each other sane.


2 thoughts on “One Month Old

  1. i cannot wait to meet theo next yr when you are back or if we have chance we will go to FF for holidays one day. he he. you are one of the most well adjusted mums i have seen (from all our whatspp exchanges…) and i dont know you in person yet and only thru whatsapp and our instas and our blogs but i smile everytime i see you or your boy. 🙂

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