Long Time No See, Hauptwache

It has been a while since we popped into town. We avoid it on Saturdays as it gets far too crowded for our liking. We only made a short trip on Saturday as Daniel was desperate for a haircut.

I investigated the nursing room at Galeria and was pleased to find the rocking/ arm chair that the hospital had. I locked myself in the room (only one room, unfortunately) to nurse Theodore, wishing I could have that chair at home too.

Daniel decided to pamper himself. Instead of having JUST a haircut, he had his face shaved and eye brows trimmed at Ginza Matsunaga too. That explains why Theodore and I waited more than an hour for him. Oh well, I reckon he deserves a little pampering. Now, I’m looking forward to my own pampering time!

As I was waiting (and Theodore was sound asleep), I took some photos of the less crowded area of town.

St. Katharinen Church: I love how this picture turns out to look like it’s from a vintage print.

Check out the spiral patterns on cobbled street.


Wondering why the street was so empty? It’s where all the branded goods are. Not my cup of tea – I can’t afford, and can’t appreciate.


I love the sound of water flowing at the fountain. For obvious reasons, fountains are dry in winter.


Conclusion: I don’t enjoy the crowd (and smoke) in town. Sticking to the south side of the river in Frankfurt!


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