8 Weeks to Go to Part-time Brace


Time does fly by with a baby. Theodore turned 10 weeks old last Friday. The first week he spent in Intensive Care was the toughest, slowest and most intense period of my life. However once we brought him home, time slips through my fingers each day.

I wouldn’t lie to you. Motherhood, though lovely, is exhausting. At times, I think it’s testing my patience which I admit isn’t my forte. And I do miss couple time together!!! Thankfully he’s one cheerful baby (most of the time). He allows us to experience a new sort of joy that we wouldn’t have experienced just being a couple.

In exactly 8 weeks’ time Theodore will be having his checkup with the Orthopedist to evaluate the condition of his feet. It will also be the day when we’ll find out if he can stop wearing the brace 23/7 and just wear it on a part-time basis.

We’re really excited for the brace to be removed during the day. It means we can take him swimming, use our Manduca carrier, wear sleepsuits and most importantly, play with his cutesy toes!

Fortunately for us, Theodore hasn’t been too difficult on us on this clubfoot journey. More often than not, it was me not getting used to the changes he had to go through that made the situation look a lot worse than it actually was. The casts didn’t bother him. The brace bothered him for 1.5days but he soon learned to move his legs about without any difficulty. Initially, he appeared a little insecure whenever I removed his brace and shoes. It was as though he wasn’t used to being able to move both legs independently. But baby massage and us constantly assuring him that all is good helped him. He no longer fears having his feet bare!

I’ve been rather obsessed about his feet, naturally. As he needs to be recast if blisters appear on his feet, I spend a good amount of time massaging them each day with nappy cream. This is done to ensure blood circulation is well on both feet and it allows me to check the condition of his skin too. Thankfully, we’ve managed to avoid sores thus far and I need to make sure that sores NEVER appear on his feet.

We’re definitely looking forward to the 30th September when we move on to part-time brace wear. I reckon that’s when I’ll feel so truly happy for my very brave boy!


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