Herby Salmon and Couscous

Couscous is my latest favourite food. Believe it or not, I only discovered it last December at a Turkish restaurant. Not only is it really easy to cook (basically instant!), it’s so versatile too.

After looking online for salmon with couscous recipes, I’ve once again relied on BBC Good Food for their recipes. Tadahhhh!!! Herby Salmon with Couscous!

Although it was meant to be a quick and easy dinner to prepare, our “vintage” oven wasn’t reliable enough and the cooking time took longer than expected. I didn’t do the recipe any justice by getting Ja! Wild Salmon Fillets from Rewe supermarket either. I’ll have to redo this recipe with better quality salmon!

It was overall a good and healthy recipe (fish = healthy, right?) but I think it’s really important to get proper salmon so that the dish tastes fresh. Frozen fish often tastes funny for me. The downside of living in the middle of a huge continent.


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