Yoyo Does Yoga

When I was pregnant, I knew my body would change and inevitably ache. After all it has to accommodate my not very tiny baby (Theodore ended up more than 550g bigger than his estimated birth weight based on his ultrasound).

Gosh! Looked like I was going to explode!!! Thank goodness it was mostly baby weight. Phew…

Little did I expect to continue aching after the birth! Yes, the joints are still loose, the muscles are flabby etc but the aches I experience feel like I’ve been working out in the gym non-stop. That’s kind of true. I never had good arm/ lower back strength, hence carrying Theodore is my workout. Heaven knows why I have a gym membership to reactivate in January 2015!

To ease my discomfort, here’s a chart that I’ve been referring to. Yoga!

I tried it when I was in Singapore and I fell asleep in class. On hindsight, it was such a shame to not continue with Yoga classes. My movements are so restricted and my muscles are so tight that I swear they could snap anytime!

Starting a new workout requires new outfits. Duh… How else can I be motivated, right? I’ll have to share with you my new outfit when it arrives. I’ve been eagerly waiting for the postman each day (since I know the parcel’s already in Germany!!!). One thing for sure, the outfit is BOLD. Gathering my guts to wear it!!!


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