My Favourite Season is…

Singapore is located just north of the equator. It has a hot and humid tropical climate. We are a tiny red dot on the world map.
Anyone capable of map reading will now know Singapore isn’t China even though majority of our population is Chinese.

When I was living in Singapore, it was a dream come true to visit other countries in Spring, Autumn or Winter. The chance to wear knee high boots and thick coats is a novelty. Not having to sweat under the blistering hot sun was deemed a luxury.

Weather forecast for Singapore in September.

Humidity levels are so high in Singapore that you’d feel as though you need another shower when you’ve just came out of one. I used to think “I might as well just shower in my own sweat!” We’re all sticky and hot, no wonder tempers flare easily on that island.


It has been more than 4 years since I left Singapore. After experiencing all 4 seasons in the last 4 years, I don’t think I like them THAT much afterall.

Weather forecast for Frankfurt in September.


Fellow Singaporeans must think I’m crazy. I used to think Dan was crazy when he told me he hated winter and loved the hot weather in Singapore. He slept in the heat without turning on the fan or air-con! Madness!!!

If I had to choose, I would like most days to be like early/end summer. Those days are the best. They are usually sunny but yet not too hot. Mid-twenties temperatures are the best for me. Warm enough to be in t-shirt and shorts, and cool enough to not make me feel like I’m dying in the Sahara dessert.

As we’re slowly creeping into autumn (yeah, red maple leaves on the ground may look kinda cool)…hang on, what autumn? I swear autumn doesn’t exists in Germany. Maybe a week or two and then the temperatures plunge real low.

We’ve been really lucky with the weather this summer so I didn’t have to wrap Theo up like a dumpling. He enjoys his morning and afternoon walks (ie. nap time) in his pram and I’m happy to push him around with the cool breeze blowing against my skin. It helps wake any sleep-deprived mum up. I’ll have to get used to bringing him out daily (if he still fancies!) when the weather gets cold. Bbrrrrggg….I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


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