5 Things I Do With My Baby Everyday

No two days are exactly the same with Theodore. Some days he’s as happy as a lark, flaunting his captivating smile. On other days he’s like a leech that sucks energy instead of blood out of me. Be it a good or bad day, here are 5 things which I do with him everyday.


1. Sing to him
From nursery rhymes to Chinese pop music, we have a huge repertoire. He finds it amusing when I dance (I don’t really dance per se) to the music or do hand actions. The more dramatic I am, the bigger his smiles are.

2. Play with him
At times I leave him to play with his toys while I observe him. Those moments are important because I think he needs to learn to be independent. However, it is also important for me to spend time playing together with him. I would use soft toys and role-play (I’m pretty good at creating conversations!) for instance. Shake his rattles, tickle him and make weird noises etc.

3. Read to him
Reading was like a daily activity for me when I was growing up. I went almost everywhere with a book in hand. I don’t expect Theo to read at an exceptionally young age, however I would like to cultivate a good reading habit. Reading should, oh well hopefully, be a natural activity that he would like to engage in when he’s older.

4. Talk to him
I’m a chatter-box. I can talk non-stop about all sorts of rubbish. But what would you say to a baby who doesn’t understand (or respond in words) you? I tend to describe EVERYTHING I do to Theodore. That means saying stuff like “Mama’s opening the drawer to get a spoon. Here’s the spoon. Oh! It’s made of metal! Can you see your reflection? Wow!!! Who’s that we see in the spoon?” If you’re crazy enough, you wouldn’t have a problem with this.

5. Tell him I love him
I can’t stop telling Theodore I love him. I’ll admit that I’m biased, but I still ask myself what I’ve done to deserve such a beautiful, cheerful and brave boy. I’m sure all parents think their own kids are the best and that’s a wonderful feeling!


5 thoughts on “5 Things I Do With My Baby Everyday

  1. One of my earliest memories of my mom is of her reading to me every single night – a bedtime story (sometimes more than one). Usually Hans Christian Anderson’s short stories. I just loved it and it did embed in me the habit of reading. I have always loved to read and write. Maybe its because of that 🙂

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