Sleep Deprived Parents

On Sunday afternoon, Theodore woke up from his nap screaming inconsolably. It shocked the both of us because he stopped crying that way after he got used to nappy changing as a newborn. Little did we know that that was the start of our sleepless nights.IMG_7742.JPG

It was pretty bad on Sunday night. Instead of waking up twice (at 2am and 5.30am) for feeds, he was waking up every hour. Most of the time he wasn’t nursing; he just wanted to latch on to suckle. That would send him back to lalaland in minutes. But once he was off the breast, he would be upset again.

We concluded that it was just a bad night and coincidentally, he had ringworm infection on his cheeks. So pissed off at whoever who passed it to him, be it human or animals. We know it’s not Dan or myself since we’re both perfectly fine. ANNOYED!

Much to our dismay, the sleepless nights continued. It isn’t getting any better. I’m utterly useless when I don’t get sufficient rest. Dan’s been tagged in to help out and he’s been brilliant for trying so hard, but I feel so bad since he needs to focus at work. There are so many tips online on how to deal with sleep deprivation and I’m going to discuss with Dan to see which will suit us best. One tip, however, was “hilarious”. It suggested hiring a night time nurse/ nanny. WHAT?!?! That must be THE tip for the royal family, surely?

Theodore turned 12 weeks old last Friday and this could very well be a mental leap/ growth spurt. He’s definitely grown physically. The sleepsuit that fitted well last week is now a little snug. Poor boy isn’t getting much sleep himself and I know he must feel horrible too. At the same time, I’m pretty much in a daze myself, unable to focus and my eyelids are so heavy! On two separate occasions I’ve put the bar on incorrectly for him and forgot to put it back on after changing him! Geez!!! Guess what a mess I was in when I realised I didn’t do his bar right?

Every mum I met tells me all will be better after 3 months. He turns 3 months this Saturday. Will it get better? I do hope so.

In the meantime, I’m going to try the “nap while your baby sleeps” tip.


2 thoughts on “Sleep Deprived Parents

  1. I remember when my daughter wouldn’t sleep too! I would cry while she nursed because she would latch on for hours and would cry if I put her down. Oh, my. Yep, they change sleeping patterns every now and then. Sending you good vibes and hoping you get that much needed rest!

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